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Inspection of containers
Our Forte
        • Audits, Surveys & Inspection
        • On/ Off hire  and Charter Management
        • Marine Accident, incident Investigation.
        • Compass Adjustment & Repairs.
        • Superintendency & Project Cargoes.
        • Ship Security Assessment & Guards
        • Review of ISO, ISM and ISPS Manuals
        • Marine Loss/ Insurance Claims Assessment  & Consultancy
        • Pre-shipment/ Loading Inspections
        • Flag Administration Documents & Certification
        • Other Maritime/ Shipping Products & Services ...
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Our Independant Services

Draft Surveys

A Draft Survey determines the displacement of a vessel and consequently the quantity of cargo onboard. It is a calculative process that involves accurate interpretation of the readings obtained at the draft marks on both sides of the vessel, taken forward, midships and aft after application of all the corrections to the perpendiculars. Once the readings are determined, the quantity of cargo is calculated for the vessel floating in the density of Dock Water. Quantities are made known, any discrepancies are brought to the attention of all concerned parties cargo survey report is then signed and attested. We use the tried & tested, "CargoMax" and other software for all our calculations.

Bunker Surveys

A Bunker Survey is an independent survey calculating the quantity of bunkers (fuel) a vessel receives from a supplier, whilst also taking a representative drip sample of the fuel that is sealed for further quality analysis at a shore laboratory. Sealed sample kits will be sent to approved laboratory for analysis. Fuel, empty & ballast tanks, cofferdams, fittings, piping and flow meters (if fitted) of both the receiving and delivery vessel are examined. Soundings are taken before and after the transfer operation.Any indication of cappuccino or hoarding are investigated thoroughly. All calculations are done using official calibration tables of both vessels and consultanting relevant ASTM tables.

Oil Cargo Surveys

Oil Cargo Surveys are carried out on board tanker vessels and barges loading and discharging various crude oils, distilled petroleum products, chemicals, vegetable oils and lube oils either at terminals, SPMs, STS or FPSO's. Cargo, fuel, ballast tanks, cofferdams, fittings, piping and flow meters of both the receiving and delivery vessel or terminal are examined with soundings, ullages & temperatures taken before and after the transfer operation. All calculations, including blending if any, are done using official calibration tables of both vessels and relevant ASTM tables. Ullage sheets aresigned by all the relevant parties and figures are compared.

Noise Surveys

A Noise Survey involves the measurement the dB (Decibels) of sound in the various compartments (accomodation spaces, engine room ...) and compares the reading with the applicable regulation for that type of vessel. We use only Class 1 equipment that are calibrated. Readings are taken during a sea trial with the vessel running at maximum engine revolutions to ensure that a realistic apprehension is made of the readings that are recorded at various corners, middle of corners and midlengths/ midbreadths/ centre of the compartments. The readings are then documented in a signed booklet that shows the vessels GA plan.

Marine Warranty Surveys

A Marine Warranty Survey ensures that a project is safely concluded, it is a pro-active assessment undertaken prior to the execution and followed up until completion. We ensure that adequate control measures are in place at every stage using IMO certified and proven methods of Risk Assessment. Having a MWS executd by us, gives all parties the confidence that risks are taken care of by the engagement of duly qualified personnel who have expertise in managing the venture. Each and every stage is monitored as per the plan and management of change is implemented should there be any deviations required to be made.

Pre-Purchase/ Sale Inspections and Evaluations

We provide an unbiased evaluation report for pre-purchase for yachts, tankers, bulk-carriers, offshore vessels or of any type of vessel for Ship Owners, Financial Institutions and Banks at cost effective rates. Our team have been enaged in various take-over projects, buy-outs of new vessels, re-sale of vessels, processing scrap vessels and will go through each and every aspect of the sale on behalf of either the Buyer or the Seller. We assess sea-worthiness and can give gidance on compliance and what needs to be done before and after the tansaction. There have been many instances when we assisted to get the vessel towed to a refurbrishment yard post sale. Our findings are documented in a handy booklet.

eCMID and eMISW Inspections

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) eCMID system provides the marine and offshore industry with standardised formats for vessel inspection. It offers a safety management system (SMS) ‘health check’ and can help improve the quality and consistency of inspections, as well as reducing the frequency of inspections on individual vessels through the adoption of a commonly recognised inspection process ( Only Accredited Vessel Inspectors can carry out the inspection and upload the report online, the AVI goes through thorough vetting and a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) system. Our inspectors have worked for major contracting companies both preparing the vessels for inspections as well as actioning corrective action ensuring vessels stay healthy at all time, as inspectors we ensure that all aspects are covered for each vessel type.


Pre OVID Inspections

Internal inspections should be held bi-annually to ensure rediness before an accreditated OVID (Offshore Vessel Inspection Database) inspection is held.When our experienced OVID internal Inspector attends there is more value as we actually prepare the vessel and give our suggestions to make sure that systems are in place before the report is generated into the OCIMF system by the external Inspector. We also can assist to maintain company OVPQ and respond to Inspection comments to meet expectations as per industry standards. Any residual findings that may arise from the external Inspector will then be closed by our recommendations.

Pre SIRE Inspections

Internal inspections ensure rediness before an Oil Major OCIMF SIRE. When our experienced OCIMF internal inspector attends there is more value as we actually prepare the vessel and give our suggestions to make sure that systems are in place and vessel and crew are thorough before the report is generated into the OCIMF system by the external inspector. We also can assist to maintain company VIQ and respond to Inspection comments to meet expectations as per industry standards. Any residual findings that may arise from the external OCIMF Inspector will then be closed by our recommendations.

ISM Audits

Our team have reviewed, used and improvised many Integrated Safety Management Systems. With years of DPA (Designated Person Ashore) experience and exposure to operations and management in the tanker, bulk carrier, offshore oil and gas industry, we identify various kinks in the company's sms chain and use the correct references as per the ISM Code to strengthen the system. We can undertake ISM audits on behalf and authorisation of The Flag Administration or carry out. While auditing, we analyse the implementation of the system, we give hints into the root causes so that the company is guided towards improvement measures in order to achieve its objectives.

SSA and SSP Audits

After undertaking GoA transists and various other piracy prone areas, our team have established profound knowledge in the complaince of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code having taken appropriate security measures. With years of CSO (Company Security Officer) experience and exposure to operations on the tanker, bulk carrier, offshore, oil and gas industry, we assess the risks within the geographical footprint and use the correct references as per the ISPS Code to strengthen the system. May it be a one off transit, Ship Security Assessment for a new vessel or review of an existing vessel or an ISPS internal audit that needs to be carried out, we have the expertise.

Compass Adjustment

SOLAS Chapter V states that every magnetic compass that is required by the regulations onboard a vessel shall be properly adjusted and its table or curve of residual deviations available at all times. A magetic compass has to be adjusted:
a.) they are first installed;
b.) they become unreliable;
c.) the ship undergoes structural repairs or alterations that could affect its permanent and induced magnetism;
d.) electrical or magnetic equipment close to the compass is added, removed or altered; or,
e.) a period of two years has elapsed since the last adjustment and a record of compass deviations has not been maintained, or the recorded deviations are excessive or when the compass shows physical defects.
A Compass Adjuster carrying any spares that might be needed, will board your vessel , carry out a compass swing, adjust the compass and issue a compass deviation table. We will also check the spare magnetic compass onboard vessels greater than 150GT.

Marine Accident Investigation

When an accident happends, it is necessary to find out the root cause by carrying out a thorough investigation into the probable causes. Such an investigation should be initiated at the earliest to ensure that all the evidence can be gathered and an appropriate statement of events can be made while still fresh in the minds of the witnessess. An enactment of the scenario is necessary to visualise the accident unfolding and all documentary matter should be collected by the expert. We are IMO certified and have conducted many investigations in which we have produced substantial findings alongwith suggestions for improvement. We can also present the report in your format alongwith our recommendations.

ISO 9001: 2015 - Manuals & Review

International Organisation of Standardisation is an accreditation system that sets a Quality standard. Certification is important proof of complaince of having a system in place that ensures that there is continual improvement in all job activities carried out. We are ISO 9000 series Lead Auditor trained, reviewed existing systems in existing companies and also created new systems given the activity scope of the customer. We also do the gap analysis for upgrades considering the various changes that need to be adopted in the manuals and forms of your integrated system.We execute a pre-audit before the external auditor visits, that ensures te system is vetted to avoid any non-conformances.

ISM CODE - Manuals & Review

The interpretation of the International Safety Management Code plays a crucial part in the existance of a shipowner and it's compliance is often considered a requirement to prove that there are systems in place for the various activities that the company will undertake. A certificate is granted after ensuring the manuals, forms, checklists ... are in order and in compliance. Very often we experience that important aspects are left out and that has dire consequences including the potential of fatal incidents leading to loss of lif, damage to the environment and property. We are certified ISM Auditors and we can ensure that your systems are waterproof and yet practical to use.

ISPS CODE - SSA, Manuals & Review

The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code ensures that adequate measures are adopted to ensure that there is no security breach or incident on ships or within the ports that they operate in. The initial and crucial stage on the implementation of the ISPS Code is the Ship Security Assessment (SSA) that determines, highlights the potential risks and then analysis control measures to mitigate them. Our Team has certified and experienced SSO and CSO who had done numerous SSAs on new builds, existing vessels as they change to higher security levels & ships transiting a high risk area,. We train the crew, review manuals and existing measures to ensure the voyage is safely executed.

Cargo Superintendency - Oil/ Bulk/ Break Bulk

As Cargo Owner, Insurer, Shipowner, Shipper, Charterer you need to supervise and ensure that the quantity/ quality of what is loaded and/ or discharge from a vessel is as what is mentioned in the Bill of Lading and invoice. The Cargo Super, will stay onboard the vessel during the entire duration of the cargo operation and tally cargo passing over the rail, verify timekeeping, take photographs, calculate quantities, send samples for quality analysis or do spot checks and generate reports as per requrements. The scope is what you define it to be we will be your eyes and ears, ensuring that timely processing of cargo is done by all concerned & the vessel has a quick turnaround.

Project Cargo (Marine Offshore, Oil and Gas)

Our team has been involved in the execution of various project cargoes. We are involved in every stage from inception to accomplishment, leaving no room for complacency and reducing all risk to ALARP levels.Our project plan details each any every step precisely and professionally as per the requirements of various insurance companies, Oil and Gas Majors, E & P providers and local regulatory bodies. Our, "BE 06" approach to each and every project ensures that all parties are kept appraised and are aware that their asset is in safe hands at every stage of the project. A thorough risk assessment is done, we ensure that all parties are involved to make the project sucessful.


We manage the buying and selling of existing ships in the second-hand market or the contracting of a new build to potential clients. If you want to sell your marine asset, we will put it up on our website alongwith the relevant specifications so that visitors to our site will be able to view them. If you need to buy a marine asset then we will source options for you within the budget and matching the specifications that you need. Our database includes vessels that can be viewed on location by an interested party, we arrange all other support services through our bonifide agents to ensure that due deligence prevails at all times. We use BIMCO forms to secure the sale deed.

Vessel Chartering

Time Charter, Voyage Charter or Bareboat Charter, each has its different variables, advantages and dis-advantages. When you need a vessel for a spot job or for a longterm project, we can assist you in securing the best option that is suitable for your scope. We use BIMCO forms to ensure that all contractual issues are ironed out so that there are no unanticipated misdemeanors. Suitable vessels are identified and appropriately negotiated as per the current market index. We do all the pre-fixture and post-fixture calculations and ensure that all contractual obligations are fulfilled sucessfully. The vessel is delivery and re-delivered once all formalities are completed.

Marine Consultancy

Special and sensitive cargo, shipment of heavy lifts, projects that need a feasibility study, we can assist you and ensure that all aspects of your requirement are covered. We arrange to do the reqisite calculations for the stresses involved, carry out a step by step risk assessment, analayse what is the best process that will give the best results and go through each and every detail until completion. The Project Plan is what we put together and it covers the responsibilities and work scope of all the parties involved including contractors, government officials, maritime agencies, financial houses or workers.

About us

Work Place Environment:
To provide innovative solutions and tailor-made services that improve and secure the trade environment to deliver added value for our clients and customers.

Our Philosophy:
We believe that only through professional excellence and uncompromising dedication to our client's requirements, can we truly fulfil our vision and mission. StarGrass philosophy places professional ethics above commercial consideration. Our employees respect a strict Business Ethics & Compliance Code throughout our organisation.

Our Values:
Proximity, Innovation & Efficiency - These three words represent our corporate values, encapsulating what maked StarGrass a respected leader in the industry.
The Team

Our Team is with you, backed by varied training, experience and affiliations.

      • Master Mariner - Unlimited (UK),
      • Valid Advanced Oil Tanker Endorsement (UK),
      • MBA -Shipping & Logistics (UK),
      • BTEC - Nautical Science (UK)
      • ISM Auditor,
      • Lead  Auditor ISO 9000 Series,
      • DPA experience,
      • CSO/ SSO experience and certification,
      • IMO Marine Investigation certified,
      • IMCA eCMID & eMISW AVI
      • Marine Assurance Trained,
      • DP Trained (NI),   

This coupled with 14 years of Sailing time on Car-carriers, Oil & DPP Tankers, Ore/ Oil & Bulk Carriers ...  
and 10+ years of vessel management including offshore vessels, cross chartering, agency, heavy lift cargo, audits, ship
inspections and much more, we are poised to offer you a variety of services and products under one roof.
Global collaboration through trust, synergised with proven service "par excellence".
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