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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy
StarGrass Maritime Solutions LTD Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

StarGrass Maritime Solutions LTD is strongly committed to ensure that Modern Slavery and Humany Trafficking does not occur within its organisation.

This policy is in adherence to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 as amended and determines StarGrass Maritime Solutions LTD stance and statement on slavery and human trafficking statement effective from 1st January 2022 until amended or appended. Such  amendment or addendum will be prominently displayed on our web site and/ or communicated to all our employees, clients, customers or partners as and when deemed necessary.

Modern Slavery: Human rights violations such as forced labour, wage exploitation, servitude, engagement as a slave and any other hiring methods or processes that are deemed to be unlawful.
Human Trafficking:Transportation of humans from another country without appropriate legal work documents and/ or work visa/ permit. Arranging of transport for the travel of another human so that person could then be exploited by the use of coercion or for the person to be put in an obligation to live on someone else’s property with the inability to change status or well-being.

Our Statement      
StarGrass Maritime Solutions LTD stands committed to “zero tolerance” when it comes to modern slavery and human trafficking. We commit ourselves to act with integrity ensuring that modern slavery is not and will not take place within our organisation nor in any of our partners, suppliers or sub-contractors. Our strong ethics ensures that we always obtain the top quality and maintain the highest standards ensuring compliance to all laws, rules and regulations that are applicable to the maritime, shipping, energy, oil and gas sectors that we cater to.

Our Methodology      
StarGrass Maritime Solutions LTD adopts a process driven method by carrying out a risk assessment when engaging new employees, suppliers or sub-contractors to ensure that the risk factor is minimised and modern slavery or human trafficking violations are not permitted to arise. We will always ensure that an appropriate background check is carried out prior to any formal engagement.

StarGrass Maritime Solutions LTD has adopted a whistle blower initiative wherein any untoward incident within its entire supply chain, employees, suppliers or subcontractor can be immediate brought to the attention of top-most management to investigate and take necessary action.

Questions or comments
If you have questions or comments about this privacy policy, please email us or write us at:
StarGrass Maritime Solutions LTD
49 Brunel Way
United Kingdom

For information about how to contact StarGrass Maritime Solutions LTD please visit our "Connect" page.

01st January 2022

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